Class 95FM is Singapore’s Number One English Station
Most listened English & Chinese stations are MediaCorp’s stations

The latest Nielsen Radio Diary Survey confirmed that MediaCorp’s Class 95FM is the Number One English station in Singapore.

Ranked No. 1 amongst all other English radio stations in Singapore, Class 95FM continues to be in the FIRST position with a listenership of 15.9%. 987FM sees a steady listenership of 8.6% making it the No. 1 Hit Music Station in Singapore. Gold 90.5FM takes in a listenership of 13.3% as the most listened to classic hits English station.

“The competition is fierce so we’re delighted that Class 95FM continues to be the most listened to English station in Singapore. We thank our listeners and business friends for trusting us, knowing that we always strive to give them the best on radio. We’re constantly planning new shows, events and experiences for our listeners. Stay tuned for that!” said Ms Georgina Chang, Vice-President for English Programming (Music), Radio Division, MediaCorp.

Y.E.S. 93.3FM, Love 97.2FM and Capital 95.8FM retain their top positions and are the most listened to radio stations in Singapore. Coming in top of the list are Y.E.S. 93.3FM and Love 97.2FM sharing the same listenership of 20%. In 3rd spot is Capital 95.8FM with a listenership of 18.6%.

“Our sincere thanks to all our listeners for making us the Top 3 most listened to radio stations in Singapore. We will continue to engage and entertain our listeners and business partners with upsized content and great offerings. Listen out for more enticing programmes as the nation turns 50!” said Ms Rebecca Yap, Vice-President for Chinese Programming, Radio Division, MediaCorp.

MediaCorp Radio stations continue to be listeners’ most preferred choices.

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